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Description: Portrait of Fritz Leiber as Hamlet. Full length, standing, partly to left, with right foot advanced to left. Right arm fully extended to left holding blade of sword so that hilt forms a cross. He faces left with eyes staring as though in terror. He wears thigh-length tunic, dark hose and shoes, and miniature or chivalric insignia on chain around neck. This could represent Hamlet's first encounter with the Ghost in Act 1, Scene 4, or it could represent the opening of Act 1, Scene 5.

Folger Act/Sc/L: 1.5
Arden Act/Sc/L: 1.5
TLN: 0.00

Artist: Anonymous
Artist (Original work): Anonymous
Date (Original work):
Medium: Photograph
Size: 16.3 x 11.8 cms; 6 1/2 x 4 5/8 in
Actor: Leiber, Fritz

Location:FSL. Art File L525 no. 1. Photo. (Harold Seton Collection)